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An Interview with Donald Tsang, Hong Kong's Chief Executive

In late May, Donald Tsang, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong government, discussed some leading local issues with Robert Keatley, editor of the Hong Kong Journal, in a Government House interview. Among other things, Mr. Tsang said: a path to universal suffrage eventually will be found despite hesitation in Beijing, free election of the Chief Executive in 2012 may be possible...

Hong Kong and the Democracy Debate

By James Tien

Let me make my position plain from the start – I am in favour of democracy in Hong Kong. As a former British wartime leader once remarked, democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.

A Not-Entirely-Free Economy Needs Some New Rules

By Simon Pritchard

In the 1970s, economist Milton Friedman was at the vanguard of an intellectual challenge to the prevailing Keynesian orthodoxy of big government and corporatist policies to correct “market failure.” His television documentary, Free to Choose, lionized a vibrant Hong Kong, which had kept faith with nineteenth-century laissez faire traditions and largely kept government out of private business.

Beware of the Headlong Rush to Provincialism

By Fred Armentrout

In the nine years since the reversion of sovereignty over Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China, the single most significant trend in the new Special Administrative Region (SAR) has been the territory’s headlong rush to become just that: a provincial outpost of progress within a vast continental economy and polity.

Two Views from Abroad: How the Hong Kong Experience Looks Elsewhere...

By Yu-Shan Wu

Hong Kong has always been a bridge between mainland China and the outside world ever since the founding of the People’s Republic. After Beijing adopted an open-door policy in the late 1970’s, however, Hong Kong’s role has gradually shifted from being the main joining point of China and the West to becoming the major transit site for cross-Taiwan Strait exchanges. The international bridge has become an inter-Chinese bridge.

Southeast Asia: More Interest in China but Less in Hong Kong

By Barry Wain

Hong Kong and Southeast Asia have never had a deep interest in each other's affairs. Hong Kong has been a useful trading partner for many Southeast Asian countries, and has invested solidly in Singapore while using less-developed neighbors such as Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia as low-cost production platforms.




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