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2047: The Writing on the Wall

By Suzanne Pepper
Hong Kong may never have a truly democratic local election system, according to Suzanne Pepper, an American writer who lives in Hong Kong. Instead, there are signs that Beijing’s plans for the city include more “patriotic” education for its citizens and an indirectly-elected legislature patterned after the mainland’s people’s congress.

The Emergence of New Media in Hong Kong Politics

By Rikkie L.K. Yeung

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy forces are beginning to use blogs, Internet fund-raising, homemade videos and other electronic means to win greater public support, writes Rikkie L.K. Yeung, a public affairs consultant in Hong Kong. But they lag far behind their American counterparts in their grasp of these methods for several reasons.

By Sonny Lo

The growth of casino capitalism in Macao—fueled in particular by investment from Las Vegas—is giving the former Portugese colony new prosperity. But Sonny Lo, a professor of political science at the University of Waterloo in Canada, argues that it is also creating new and wasteful competition among the Pearl River Delta’s four main urban centers.

By Naubahar Sharif

Like its Asian counterparts, the Hong Kong government has tried to promote innovation in its economy. However, writes Naubahur Sharif, a professor in the social sciences division of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the main results so far include overlapping and confusing bureaucracies, with few technological gains. The present system should be discarded.

By Christine Loh

The government has taken some important steps to stem the decline of Hong Kong’s environment. But Christine Loh, CEO of the think-tank Civic-Exchange, reviews what has been accomplished and what remains to do, and concludes that the overall plans and leadership remain inadequate—even though Hong Kong has the wealth and talent needed for the task.

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